Price List

Exercise Physiology:

We pride ourselves on making sure the clients time is valued most providing a full hours assessment in order to create the best treatment plan specifically for you. Our AEP rates vary based on the level of experience the Accredited Exercise Physiologist has obtained over the years. 

Rates can range from:

Junior AEP $85 p/h
Senior AEP $140 p/h


We are not a Bulk Billing Clinic, however we are affiliated with many Geelong Bulk Billing Centres. Bulk-Billing is only available upon request by the doctors affiliated with Geelong Rehabilitation Centre.

 Private Health Insurance: 

Most services are covered by Private Health. Please check with your provider to see if you are eligible for a rebate.

TAC / Workcover / NDIS:

Each of these sectors have their own individualised price rates to which GRC adheres too. If you wish to view their price guides please follow their individual websites for more information. 


Initial Assessment: $100

Review Consultation: $80

Massage Therapy:

60 minutes: $110

45 minutes: $100


Initial Assessment: $110

Review Consultation: $100

*Both 45 minutes


60 minutes: $90

Group class: $35

Group Exercise Classes:

Strength Class: $20

Balance Class: $20

Pulmonary Class: $20

Type 2 diabetic patients may be eligible for a referral for Group Allied Health Services under Medicare. This includes 1 initial assessment and 8 group classes.

* Initial assessments are required prior to the commencement of any class.