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At Geelong Rehabilitation Centre our Exercise Physiologists becomes your complete exercise support.  We have completed a four-year university degree which covers all areas related to exercise and rehabilitation. We are also accredited through our governing board, Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA). 


Our role within the health care system is to provide our clients with long-term management strategies, through specific exercise and movement prescription, to assist with any chronic health condition. These conditions can be categorised into any cardiovascular, pulmonary/respiratory, neurological, metabolic, musculoskeletal, or age-related medical condition. 


At Geelong Rehabilitation Centre our Accredited Exercise Physiologists pride themselves on providing a holistic and global approach to health and well-being, whilst encouraging a supportive and fun approach to what can often be a challenging aspect to most peoples' rehabilitation. Exercise Physiology is a discipline with a broad knowledge and treatment approach for any medical condition – and our AEP's are experts when it comes to exercise and movement prescription!

We specialise in injury and disability management through exercise prescription. This can range from a sprained ankle through to motor vehicle permanent disability. 

Our facilities offer fully functional gym equipment to help assist you with your recovery. We pride our treatments on involving self management, allowing you to manage your own rehabilitation journey with our full support along the way.

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