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Ben Flynn

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Ben is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who brings a gentle and engaging approach to client care. Ben graduated from Victoria University in 2013.

Ben is experienced in the fields of exercise and mental health, complex chronic disease and pain, he aims to teach clients how to incorporate movement into their lives that contributes to their health and wellbeing, not detract from it. This has led to Ben forming a holistic approach to movement, lifestyle and stress-related issues. Ben has a lifelong fascination with the body and mind and works to respect the complexities of his clients lives while supporting them to achieve their movement goals.

More often than not, Ben takes a gentle approach to build purpose and confidence into client movement as a foundation to build from. Ben is keen to work with clients who take an active interest in or wish to learn about building strength and fitness, self-care and wellbeing.

Ben enjoys being active participating in sports including tennis and basketball and encouraging others, including his kids, to get involved in community recreation that suits their level.


  • Clients with stress, anxiety and issues with motivation to move

  • Eating disorders

  • Acute and chronic pain

  • Type 1 and 2 Diabetes management

  • Low back pain

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