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Bryoni Butler

Allied Health Assistant

Bryoni is a Therapy Assistant, having completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science from Deakin University in 2018.

Bryoni is passionate about understanding the goals of individuals, both in and outside of the gym, and assisting to ensure these goals are being achieved. Bryoni likes to take a personal approach when working with an individual to best support them to stay engaged and enjoy exercise for a healthy mind and body.

Bryoni has experience working in disability support and has gained plenty of knowledge in regard to physical, mental and social health. She understands how important a client-centred approach is, and how beneficial it is to have a tailored program to suit the individual. 


Bryoni will be assisting clients individually with their exercise programs, as well as assisting group classes to allow for more thorough guidance during those sessions. 


Outside of the workplace Bryoni enjoys spending her time staying active and learning new skills. She enjoys playing netball, running, horse riding, learning to surf and exploring new places. 

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