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Exercise Science

Exercise Scientists have completed a 3-year bachelor’s degree at university which is the precursor for completing a master’s degree to become an Exercise Physiologist. Exercise Scientists are accredited through the governing body Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA). 

Most people know that regular exercise is critical when it comes to your health. However, in some cases, individuals need guidance on how to start or maintain an exercise program. That’s where the field of exercise science comes in. But what is exercise science? This is a somewhat broad term covering several different occupations, all of which focus on achieving better health and wellness. ​This field involves applying elements of kinesiology and exercise physiology. It involves understanding the human body’s response to exercise, but it primarily focuses on the development of exercise plans to improve health and help clients reach their fitness goals. Sometimes, exercise science will also focus on sports nutrition. Many people in the field become personal trainers, physical education teachers, strength and conditioning coaches, and fitness consultants.

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